Welcome to Ysgol Maes-y-Llan!

Croeso i Ysgol Maes-y-Llan!


Raising Aspirations!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On behalf of the pupils, staff and governors, I have great pleasure in welcoming you to view our school website.

Maes-y-Llan is a happy and successful school where every child matters.

Our dedicated teaching and support staff ensure that learning is engaging, interactive and lots of fun!

Our aim is to provide a pleasant, happy and secure environment where our children are encouraged to develop as individuals whilst being sensitive to the needs of others.  We hope that you will join with us in fulfilling our aims.

With the increasing demands on education and in society it is more important than ever for us as parents, teachers and governors to work together in mutual understanding.

I hope that this website, as it develops, will support this partnership and enable your child, who is our primary concern, to benefit from all that we have to offer here at Ysgol Maes-y-Llan.

In conclusion, may I emphasise that you are always welcome to visit the school to discuss any aspect of school life.

Kind Regards Cofion Cynnes,

Mr Phil Hamilton



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