3 weeks to go

Bore da pawb

I hope you are all well and enjoying the recent good weather we have been having.

It is now just over 3 weeks since school closed for the summer break and we have about 3 weeks left until we start welcoming you all back.

A few questions have been raised by parents which hopefully we can answer:

  • normal school uniform should be worn when we start back in September
    • on days your child has PE, they can come to school in their PE kit / tracksuit (if outdoor PE) so they are not having to change in school – exact details will be shared by class teachers in September
    • there is no stipulation that clean school uniform should be worn daily, however it remains a recommendation by some sources
  • there will be a school dinner service provided; the exact details and menu items etc will be confirmed when we have had confirmation

If there are any changes or updates we will let you know.

Please enjoy the last 3 weeks of your summer breaks and stay safe.