Back to School – Monday 10th January

Dear Families

Please see below the details and changes that have been made to ensure we can all return safely to school next Monday while meeting Covid guidance.


Breakfast Club

  • will be open normal times, but please remember to book in beforehand
  • children will revert to having assigned tables for classes, so will only be sitting with their classmates during breakfast club
  • if possible, children to be dropped off at the bottom of the ramp. Younger children may be taken to the door
  • strictly no parents are to enter the school hall


School Opening times

  • school doors will continue to open at 8:40 every morning
  • however, school doors will remain open until 8:55 to allow a wider window of time for children to arrive


School Finishing Times

  • these remain unchanged: 11:20 for Nursery and 3:00pm for the rest of school
  • please refrain from entering the school yard to collect your child(ren) until at least 2:55pm


School Yard

  • if possible, children should be dropped at the main school gate and make their own way to their class entrance
  • if younger children need to be accompanied on to the yard, this should be preferably by 1 adult only and not family groups, as we need to minimise the amount of people on the yard at any one time
  • everyone over the age of 11 who enters the school yard MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING UNLESS EXEMPT
  • when waiting to collect your child(ren) please maintain a 2-metre distance from other families
  • after dropping off or picking up your child, please leave the school yard at your earliest convenience in order to avoid unnecessary crowding


One-way System

  • we must return to strictly using the one-way system when entering or leaving the school yard
  • please follow the yellow arrows when entering the school yard and red arrows when leaving
  • again, we know this is not ideal and can add time to your drop-off and pick-up, but these are all necessary measures we have to put in place to be able to open for face-to-face learning
  • dropping off your children at the school gates, and encouraging them (if old enough) to enter their classes by themselves is still the preferred and easiest way


Water Bottles

  • can all children please bring their own water bottle in with them every day


Items from home

  • please do not allow your child to bring unnecessary items from home into school, ie. games, toys, cards etc.


PE & Outdoor Learning

  • on days your child’s class has PE or outdoor learning, they will continue to come to school in their PE kits or outdoor learning clothes, so as to avoid having to get changed in school


Messages to Teachers

  • if you need to get a message to your child’s teacher please use Dojo, email the school on or leave a message with whichever member of staff is on the yard every morning


Contacting the school office

  • the area outside the school office is quite small, so if you need to get a message to the school office, if possible please email the school office on or call on 01978 820991
  • please refrain from going to the school office between 2:55 and 3:05 as Mrs Lewis’ class will be leaving through this door


Thank you in advance for your understanding and support. The last thing we all want is to have to close school again for face-to-face teaching and by all doing our part, we can help to maximise the chances of school remaining open to all children.