Book Fair Competitions ……………………….

We have returned! The annual Book Fair strikes again. This year will be more extravagant and better than ever before, from treasure maps to amazing new books, it will be fantastic! You will also have some fun surprises along the way. To make this Book Fair the best in history we will have a number of exiting competitions which will be hosted at school, as well as class-based competitions where some amazing prizes can be won.

Whole School competitions

This year’s whole schools competitions are-

  • Cake raffle – 50p a go
  • Treasure map guess the coordinates – 50p a go
  • Guess Mrs Lewis’s favourite book – 50p a go
  • How many sweets are in the jar? – 50p a go
  • Throw wet sponges at Mr Hamilton – £1.00 a go


Class Competitions

Nursery:  Character colouring competition

SG: Create a Mr Men/Little Miss character

BB: Design a farm for little red hen

RS: A new front cover for the Detective Dog

MJ: Design a super villain

AT: Design a Disney bookmark

JL: Create a brand new book sleeve with cover, blurb and spine.

Here are the amazing prizes!


Prizes for class competitions

1st prize – £5.00 to spend on a book in our amazing Book Fair plus 15 green tokens

2nd prize – 10 green tokens

3rd prize- 5 green tokens

But remember everyone who enters gets 1 green token each.

The whole school competitions will be brought around the classes every day starting Monday 24th September and throughout the Book Fair week. They will also be at the Book Fair.

The competition entries must be in by Tuesday 16th October 2018.

Promotions Officers class JL

Jessica, Amelia, Henley, Natalie, Lucy J, Keisha, Ffion, Kristyna, Owen.