Well done to all those pupils who took part in the Mold Rugby festival over the weekend. Brothers Ieuan and Caden both helped Wrexham U-9s and U-7s finish runners up in their age groups.

Kung Fu

Never mind Kung Fu Panda, we have Kung Fu Tomos! Da iawn Tomos for working so hard to achieve his yellow belt in Kung Fu. Keep up the hard work; we all admire your dedication.  

Da iawn Ceiriog – OWN CLOTHES DAY!

Da iawn to everyone in Ceiriog House! All children are split into 3 Houses, Ceiriog, Mabon and Dyfed. Everyone can earn Green House Point Tokens for their House by showing they are following the school rules by being ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’. Everyone who earns a House Point Token puts it into their House cylinder … Read more

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