Class of 2020

You will always be part of the Maes-y-Llan family Year 6 and we will be seeing you again, when the time is right, to give you the celebration and send-off that you deserve.

In the meantime, Mrs Lewis has thrown together a little something for you to watch. (Tissues at the ready)

Remember Year 6, you are never to old to stop learning. Even at my age (over 30), I have learnt 2 valuable lessons today:

1 ~ Do not agree to record something before asking how long it is and

2 ~ Holding a camera steady whilst using a two-legged tripod is not that easy.

If there are any ‘wobbly’ moments in the video (you cannot blame me for ‘wobbly’ bottom lips), rest assured that the cameraman (or woman) was doing his (or her) best and perhaps if they had known how long they would have to hold the camera for, he (or she) would have sourced a 3-legged tripod. Always learning 😉

Enjoy… (and you will have the chance to enjoy a ‘wobble-free’ version when we see you next)