Collection From School – 29th June

Please remember, that for these last 3 weeks of ‘catch-up’ ‘check-in’ and ‘prepare’ sessions, school will be finishing at 12 noon. This will reviewed continually and if there are to be any changes we will let you know asap.

Please do not arrive before 11:50 as there still may be some groups on the school yard.

If possible, only one parent or responsible adult, should come to pick up their child(ren) so we can minimise the amount of people on the school yard for your safety.

When you do arrive, please only use the main entrance gate to come on to the school yard. The other 2 gates are purely for exiting the school yard.

When you come on to the yard, please make your way to a white spot that is opposite to your child’s classroom entrance/exit.

A member of staff will be on the yard and call each child out on to the yard 1 at a time. When your child has come out of class and meets you, please leave via the closest exit gate so we can call another child out of class.

Thank you in advance.