Collection Points and Fire Drills


So as not to cause any unnecessary anxiety, we will not be having any fire drills for the last weeks of term when we open up more for the ‘catch-up’ and ‘check-in’ sessions. If however, the fire alarm were to sound, the staff would lead the children out of the school and they would all assemble on the front yard and stand on one of the white spots until directed to reenter the building.



At the end of the school day, whichever parent or responsible adult should enter the school and stand on one of the white spots closest to their child’s classroom. Please do not go to the main office; contact with the office should be preferably done through telephone or e-mail.

Children will stay in their classes until called for by a member of staff.

When your child comes out of school, please make your way off the yard as soon as possible so the next child can be called for.


The white dots/markers on the yard are more clearly visible in person, so if you are out an about over the next few days for a bit of exercise why not walk past the school and let your child see the yard so they know what to expect.


I hope to be on the yard every morning and pick up time along with other members of staff to help direct and answer any questions you may have.



Those children who have been in our key-worker group, please continue to follow the routines you have been following, but if possible please avoid drop offs between 8:30 and 9:10 am and picking up between 2:50 and 3:10 pm. Diolch.