Dear Pupils of Maes-y-Llan

Dear pupils of Maes-y-Llan,


Wow! What a year… I do not know where to begin. Who could have imagined that the school year could have turned out as it did!

At this time of the year, when I usually reflect upon the academic year we have had, the most recent memories seem to be at the forefront of my mind and I think about end of year parties and sports days etc. Those moments have been ‘furloughed’ this year, but they will return and soon we will be back to ‘normal’. A normal where perhaps, I for one, will appreciate more the so many little moments and opportunities that we too often take for granted.

In spite of the challenges and adaptations we have had to make in school and at home, I am still blown away by you all. What you achieved in such a short time in school, the work many of you have continued to do at home, the acts of kindness so many of you have done during lockdown which we have heard about, how seamlessly those on ‘catch-up’ and ‘check-in’ days came back in to school etc. ~ I am so impressed and proud to be your Headteacher. Thank you.

Amongst our successes, achievements and truly heart-warming moments this year were:

– Christmas concerts/plays ~ This was the first year we split the classes as we did, so we could have more plays and give more of you the opportunity to have a leading part and WOW! You were all awesome! From our 3 year olds up to our 11 year olds, the courage and confidence you all had to stand up on the stage is amazing. Watching some of you older pupils, who were too shy to step on the stage or even be part of the choir when you were younger, get up on the stage and deliver your lines perfectly are some of the moments we truly treasure as school staff.

– Several of you have had your poems published in a national poetry book. A copy of the book sits proudly in my office and on the desks of many teachers. What an achievement, never underestimate what you can do when you believe in yourself and try your best.

– Yet again, your behaviour on school trips was exemplary. We consistently get positive feedback and praise from staff of where we visit, coach drivers, visitors etc. We will never tire of this. Diolch yn fawr.

– A first ~ our first trip to Harry Potter studios, how exciting that was!

– Our first ever Criw Cymraeg! Our Criw Cymraeg were brilliant and successfully helped raise the levels of Welsh being used around school and on the playground. What a great effort and success!

– Another first ~ the self-formed ‘Garbage Gang’ who helped staff keep school tidy and clean. Our very own Greta Thunbergs!

– Another successful year of after-school clubs. Never have we had so many options for after-school clubs and I will never take for granted the time that staff consistently give in order to offer you new experiences and activities.

– Winning a North Wales writing competition by creating an inspirational speech for the Welsh rugby team, ‘harness those butterflies in your tummies, and turn them in to dragons’. The prize, forming a guard of honour for the Welsh U-20 rugby team in their opening 6-nations match against Italy.

– Another good year for our School and Eco Councils and we now have a school pond too!

– More sporting success ~ despite having many competitions cancelled, the school netball team were still able to play enough games before lockdown to finish in 3rd place. Well done to all those boys and girls who were part of the squad.

– As a school community, through work done by the PTA and School Council, we have continued to support many charities, both local and national. Thank you for your continued and generous support.

– Cakes and good will ~ we have had many kind messages and delicious cupcakes from various parents and grandparents throughout the year. We sincerely appreciate all the kind messages of support and thanks (the cupcakes have obviously gone down extremely well too, if perhaps a little too quickly and easily).

– Another great book fair organised and run by you. Da iawn Year 6!

– Dosbarth Penryhn and Harlech running the KS2 snack bar ~ another huge success and project run by you!

The list really is endless and there are so many other moments I could mention.

Above all though, our greatest pleasure as staff of Ysgol Maes-y-Llan, is watching you all grow and learn. Not only in terms of academic progress, but growing in confidence, empathy, kindness, respect and developing a real ‘can-do growth mindset’. These are all traits that will not only help in you in school, but will serve you well in all walks of life.

On behalf of all the staff at Maes-y-Llan, it truly is a pleasure to work with and support you all and we are very much looking forward to seeing you all in September (including you Year 6, we have not forgotten about you (how could we…) and we will be seeing you again to give you the send-off that you deserve, when it is right to do so).

We wish you all and your families and loved ones a restful and safe summer break.


Yours sincerely,

Mr Hamilton