Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus!

Today is a very special day.
St Dwynwen’s Day, or Dydd Santes Dwynwen yn Gymraeg.

Santes Dwynwen (St Dwynwen) — Welsh patron saint of love

1. Dwynwen means “she who leads a blessed life”.

2. Santes Dwynwen set up a convent on Llanddwyn Island – just off the west coast of Anglesey – the remains of which can still be seen today, along with Dwynwen’s well. It’s believed the well is home to sacred fish who can predict whether couples’ relationships will succeed; if the fish are seen to be active when visiting the well, it was seen as a sign of a faithful husband.

3. Besides from the well, there is also Crochan Llanddwyn, meaning Llanddwyn’s cauldron, which is a small wishing well that is located in a rabbit warren between Llanddwyn Island and Newborough. According to folklore, if the water of the well boils while visitors are present, love and good luck will follow.

4. A Welsh love spoon is traditionally given as a Santes Dwynwen’s day gift. In 2007, the world’s largest ever love spoon was carved and measures a whopping 44ft.

5. You can visit Santes Dwynwen’s church on the tiny island of Llanddwyn, off the west coast of Anglesey, but you’ll have to be quick; Llanddwyn is a tidal island, meaning it remains attached to the mainland at all but the highest tides.

Discover more about why the 25 January 2021 is a day to celebrate love, how Dwynwen became a saint who spent her life looking after others, making sure they found hope and strength to follow their hearts and to be happy. This is a fantastic take on the story from Cadw. Have a little look.

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