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Home Learning

Hello! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter.

For the foreseeable future, I will update this page with new work every Monday and Wednesday. The work will take the form of daily lessons and are designed to cover the whole curriculum, but please feel free to pick and choose the activities your child will engage with most. Don’t forget to upload pictures and videos to Seesaw!

Each week work will be based on a different mini-theme, which I hope will hold the children’s interest.

I will also upload a document with daily activities covering mental maths, vocabulary and spellings.

W/B 20th April, 2020

WB 20.04.2020 Daily Activities

Number of the day template

Look, Cover, Write, Check

Wordsearch Template

Prefix Suffix example

Prefix Suffix

Topic Work: The Present

20 and 21 April

The Present – Discussion Questions

Story Map

Boy’s Thoughts

22, 23, 24 April


Pets Word Mat

Jumbled Sentences

Boring Sentences

Adoption vs Buying

Mindfulness Colouring

Topic work: Sweet Cocoon

WB 27.04.2020 Daily Activities

27 and 28 April

Literacy – Setting Adjectives

Literacy – Speech bubbles

Literacy – Speech marks

Maths – Caterpillar length

Butterfly Life Cycle

29, 30, 1 May

Butterfly Art

Music – The Circle of Life

PE – Move like an insect

PSD – Friendship quiz

Similes Word Mat

Topic work: Partly Cloudy

WB 04.05.2020 Daily Activities

4,5,6,7,8 May

Baby Animals

Cloud in a Jar


Egg or Not


Partly Cloudy Sentence Stacking


Types of Clouds Photo Pack

Y Tywydd

Topic work: Lava

WB 11.05.2020 Daily Activities

11th-15th May

Lava lyrics

Lava Mindfulness

Topic Work: Sanjay’s Super Team

WB 18.05.2020 Daily Activities

18-19 May

Chapatti Recipe

Church vs Mandir

Hindu Gods Colouring

Hindu Places of Worship

Hinduism Main Values

20-22 May

A sensory journey through India

All About India

All About Mandalas

Design a Mandala

Reading Comprehension

Where is India

Topic work: The Twits

WB 01.06.2020 Daily Activities

Plan 1st and 2nd

Mr Twit Description

Step 1 – Describing Movement

Step 1 – Describing Movement

Positive and Negative language

Step 2 – Describing Turns

Step 2 – Describing Turns

Plan 3rd, 4th, 5th

Frog Information

Frog Life cycle

Step 3 – Describing Movements and Turns

Step 3 – Describing Movements and Turns

Step 4 – Making Patterns

Step 4 – Making Patterns



Week 2


WB 08.06.2020 Daily Activities

Planning Week 2

100 Square

Balloons Graph

Balloons Tally Chart

Days of the Week

How to cure The Shrinks Example

How to write instructions


Months of the Year

Mrs Twit’s Shrinking Stick

Gn words

Lliwiau Cymraeg


Stretchy Objects Flaps

Week 3

Planning Week 3

WB 15.06.2020 Daily Activities


Block 3 Step 1 Reasoning

Block 3 Step 1

Block 3 Step 1

Block 3 Step 2 Reasoning

Block 3 Step 2

Block 3 Step 2

Planning Week 3 Continued

Block 3 Step 3 Reasoning

Block 3 Step 3

Block 3 Step 3

How to take care of a bird Comprehension

Irregular Verbs

Name the Birds


Topic Work: The Enchanted Wood

WB 22.06.2020 Daily Activities

Planning Enchanted Wood 1

Train Timetable

Blank Map

Block 3 Step 4


Block 3 Step 4

Block 3 Step 4

Block 3 Step 5 Reasoning

Block 3 Step 5

Block 3 Step 5

Block 3 Step 6 Reasoning

Block 3 Step 6

Block 3 Step 6

British Trees Identification

Faraway Tree Answers

Faraway Tree Comprehension

Planning Enchanted Wood 1

The Magic Faraway Tree Extract


Distance Learning – Final 2 weeks!

Literacy packs:

















Other subjects

Croeso i Dosbarth Conwy!

Hello and welcome to the Spring term! We have lots of fun and interesting activities coming up this half term, so keep an eye on our Class Dojo page for updates on our learning.  Below is some information you may find useful:

Tuesday – PE with Miss Thomas (pm). Please ensure your child has the correct kit in school and it is clearly labelled.

Outdoor Learning – We aim to use the outdoor environment as often as possible in order to further enhance the children’s learning. Outdoor clothing will be provided, including waterproofs and wellies.

Homework – Each child will be given a reading book and record. Reading at home will be our main homework priority this term. As a class we are having a big push on reading.  The children should read their school book, but feel welcome to read a range of materials which inspire them as readers. Please can you ensure they bring their book bag in on a daily basis. The children have also requested to have homework sent weekly to help them practise skills learned in class and also some project work based on our topic. This will be sent home in a homework book on a Friday and is due back in the following Wednesday.

Snack is provided for Year 2, at a cost of £1 a week.  If you do not wish for your child to have snack, please let us know. Year 3 pupils should bring their own snack from home.  This should be a healthy snack in line with our Healthy Schools policy.

If parents/carers have any concerns or would like an informal chat about their child’s progress, please don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange a chat or send a message through class Class Dojo.

Below is an overview of what we will be covering this term:

Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019

Curriculum Overview Autumn 2 2019

Curriculum Overview Spring 2020

*Please note, planning is subject to change to meet the children’s needs.