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 Welcome to Miss Postle’s Class Page                                                                                                                                                                                                     

We have had a very busy start to the Autumn term settling into our new nursery classroom and making lots of new friends! Our topic for the Autumn term is ‘All About Me’ which is helping Miss Postle learn lost of new information about what we like to do, who we live with and what we get up to at the weekneds, along with lots of other interesting new things!

We spent our first few weeks of the new term exploring our new areas and working out what we could build, cut, draw, make or play with there! This was really Exciting! 

World Book Day!

We had a super fun day on World Book Day! We all took it in turns to come up to the front and tell the class who we had dressed up as today! There were lots of different characters from lots of different books! Just before our morning had finished we all sat in a big circle and took it in turns to tell the class our favourite books and who we liked to read them with!



Children In Need

The day before Children In Need, we made biscuits in class HP so that we could have special snack on Friday! We all had a go at cutting out the biscuits and printing Pudsey’s face on them!













We had a really busy day in Nursery learning all about the important work Children In Need do for people who are less fortunate than us! We all got to wear something yellow or something that had Pudsey bear on it. We learnt lots about why Pudsey wears a special bandanna and got to do lots of exciting activities in the classroom too!





On Friday morning, at snack time, we got together with class SG to share and eat  the Pudsey biscuits we had made! They were really yummy and they all looked like Pudsey too!



It has been a busy few weeks in Class HP! We have had our Christmas Nativity, Had a visit from Elf on the Shelf and even a present and a visit from Father Christmas himself! We’ve written our letters to Father Christmas and posted them in the Post box to the North Pole…We really hope Father Chrsitmas gets them! Just to round the last week of 2017 off in style we even threw a Christmas Party in the mix too!


Our Christmas Nativity was so much fun! we all got to sing lots of Christmas songs and dress up in costumes to play parts in our Nativity! We performed to the whole school – including some of our brothers and sisters and in front of our families too! Miss Postle was very proud of us and said we made her feel very Christmasy! 🙂




After all the excitement of the Nativity we got to post our letters to Father Christmas! We wrote our letters on the computer and chose the pictures of the things that we would like for Christmas. Miss Postle took us to the Christmas tree to have some photos before we all posted our letters in the post box in school!

After our Nativity and posting our letters to Father Christmas, we had our Christmas Party! We wore our best clothes and played lots of party games in the hall with Class SG! We danced to Christmas music, played pass the parcel, musical statues and musical bumps! We had so much fun!

Finally on our last day we got our very last letter from Elf on the Shelf! He’d been up to all sorts in our classroom over the last few weeks, hiding in our maths games, floating to the ceiling on a balloon and last of all sending us on a candy cane hunt!

When we came into school on Friday 22nd December, Elf was sat in the middle of the carpet surrounded by candy canes! They looked very yummy! He left a letter with Miss Postle to explain that he had hidden candy canes around school for us to go and find, to take home and enjoy over Christmas! What a really kind thing to do! We headed out onto the front yard to search for the Candy Canes!

We hope to see him next year and we are definitely ready for our break over Christmas because we’ve been working so hard!

On behalf of all the Nursery Staff we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year! 


Welcome Back!

For the Spring term our topic will be The Rainbow Fish!

Image result for rainbow fish

We have already spent a little bit of time discussing the story and learning the names of the characters. We’ve even learnt how to look after a fish in a tank and what we need to do to take the best care of it! Miss Postle was so pleased that she bought us our very own fish for our class! We have decided to call it Rainbow. 


TESCO Visit 

As part of being a healthy school we had a lovely visit from Vicky who works at Tesco Cefyn. She brought in lots of yummy snacks for us to try that are super healthy! We all tried something new and really enjoyed everything! We tasted Bagels, cream cheese, blueberries, honey melon, flat breads, popcorn and tomatoes and lots of yummy dips too! 

SeaQuarium Trip! 


On Friday, we went on our first school trip. We visited the SeaQuarium in Rhyl to learn a little bit more about what lives under the sea! We got to see lots of new animals that we had never seen before and learn about what they eat and the things they like and don’t like.


After a little bit of exploring in the aquarium we went to have a look at some familiar animals that live in rock pools.We even got to hold a starfish, touch a crab and a sea anemone.

Just after lunch we went to watch a seal and sea lion show! The seal jumped into the water, collected hoops and even gave the aquarium worker a high 5!

Finally just before we went home we got to walk through a sea life tunnel. The water went all around us and the fish, starfish, stingrays and eels swam over our heads!

We had a brilliant day out and can’t wait for Miss Postle to take us on another trip!


Summer Term!
Image result for sunshine

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter break and are ready for the new term!

This half term our topic will be ‘People Who Help Us’.
Over this term we will cover 6 different occupations and what those people do to help us making links to the locality. To begin with we will be focusing on doctors and nurses and why we visit a doctors surgery or hospital. The children are already really excited and are enjoying dressing up in doctors outfits and asking their friends to visit our doctors role play area in the classroom for a check up! I hope to get some exciting visitors in to school to see the children and talk about what they do within our community and how that helps us.


A Visit From A  Nurse!

We were super lucky last week and a nurse from Wrexham Maelor Hospital in Wrexham came to visit us in class! We got to talk all about what she gets up to in work and the kind of things she can do to help people when they get poorly.

Our dolls in class all had broken bones and the nurse helped us put their arms and legs in plaster casts so that they could get better. The plaster was all sticky after we had soaked it in water and after a little while it went really hard. This was so that our dolls couldn’t move their broken bones until they had healed.

Peter Rabbit

Image result for peter rabbit

Our topic for the last half term will be The Tale of Peter Rabbit! We will be learning lots about what grows in Mr McGregor’s garden, the mischief that Peter gets up too and the mini beasts and flowers we might find in our own and schools garden.


Muddy Monday’s!
Image result for cartoon planting

As part of our Peter Rabbit topic we get to do an activity outdoors every monday! We wear our own clothes so that we can get as dirty as we like!

This week we helped dig out some veg patches for Mr McGregor and planted some vegetables that Peter Rabbit might like to eat! We planted carrots, radishes, lettuce and green beans! We have to remember to water them so that they grow!

Carrot Maths!

Today we have been looking at length and size! We ordered the carrots from smallest/shortest to biggest/longest and then explored the forest school to find natural resources the same size as our carrots! It was lots of fun learning with carrots and exploring the forest school!





A Busy Day Making Mini Beasts

What a busy morning we have had! This morning when we came in Miss Postle had got out something new that we had never seen before. It looked like playdough but it was much togher and because of its colour, lots of us thought it was mud! Guess what it was? – It was clay! It was really fun to have a play with something new! 

When we had rolled the clay into balls we were able to make shapes much easier! Miss Postle gave us pictures of mini beasts and we were able to try and make the clay look the same! We all made mini beasts that we though we might find in Mr McGregor’s garden! We need to let them dry out now before we paint them! 

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