Dosbarth Fflint – Miss A Thomas

Croeso i Dosbarth Fflint!


Welcome to all parents and carers of children starting at Ysgol Maes-Y-Llan! I hope you all had a lovely summer and are ready to start a new adventure in school. I am very much looking forward to working with your children!

I know that starting school is a huge step in these little people’s lives, but let me tell you, you will see a huge difference in them in a relatively short period of time. My aim is to have happy and settled children in my class. I will do all I can to make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible. Please let me reassure you, once your children are through the door and in the classroom, they quickly settle and are happy. I will use Class Dojo to show you their happy, smiling faces so that you believe me when I say they are fine in school!

This half term, is really a chance for your child to settle into school life, get to know their setting and to develop routines. Our topic is ‘Guess Who?’ where the children will start to share information about themselves and learn about the children in our class. I will be asking for bits of information from you to help with this process along the way. We will also be looking at the season of Autumn. Using our observational skills to see how the world around us is changing.

If any parents have any concerns, please feel free to catch me at either the start or end of the session. Messages can also be sent via Class Dojo or through my email

Remember to sign up to Class Dojo to see all of the exciting things your children are getting up to each day.


Miss Thomas

Below is an overview of our topic this term:

Dosbarth Fflint – Autumn Term 1

*Please note, planning is subject to change to meet the children’s needs.