Class KW – Mr. K Woodward

Week 2

We have had a very exciting week this week. As well as stepping up rehearsal’s for our Christmas play we have also been celebrating Children in Need. All week we have been taking part in different activities from putting spare change on a 7ft Pudsey bear to dressing up in yellow and making a small donation. We’d like to thank all of the parents for their support also. 

This week in literacy we continued looking at instructions and have been writing up different recipes for sandwich’s. We had a lot of the usual; Ham, cheese and chocolate spread but our strangest was definitely ham and Nutella. We didn’t think it would taste very nice and definitely don’t let us make dinner!!!

Today we had some visitor from the Ghastly Gravy spaceship. They taught us all about food hygiene and kitchen safety, it was very informative and we learnt where everything should be correctly stored in the fridge. Test us and see…

This afternoon we made some very special Christmas decorations. As amazing as they are sadly they won’t be coming home. These decorations will be sent to a mystery school somewhere around the world for another class to enjoy. We also wrote them a letter telling them all about Christmas in our country and what our standard traditions are. At the bottom of the letter Mr Woodward has put contact details so hopefully we will find out where they end up. Fingers crossed!!!


Week 1

We have had a very busy first week back after the half term.

In literacy this week we began to look at instruction texts. On Wednesday we had a go at writing instructions for our favorite games as a group. We followed this by attempting to write our own set of instructions on Thursday. As a treat for very hard work, on Friday we conducted some instruction text research. We each brought in a board game from home and set them up around the classroom. In our groups we moved around each game, reading the instructions and attempting to play the games. We then wrote down one thing we liked about the instructions and one thing we thought could be better. As a class we discovered, the more pictures, the better the instructions.

Despite it being November, Christmas play preparation has begun! We have already started learning the songs and started to be given our parts. It’s going to be a great one this year!!!

Congratulations to our Star of the week this week Gracie-Lou and our Welsh star of the week Oliver!

 Autumn Term 2

Week 6

What a week we have had! It’s been a super busy week which ended with our Harvest festival. Despite letting Mr Woodward sing the first part by himself, we all sung fantastically for the rest of the song, especially considering we have only been practicing for a few days!!!

In English this week we have been looking at character profiles for the characters in George’s Marvelous Medicine. We created character profiles for each character and the interviewed them in a ‘hot seat lesson’. Half of us were the actors who pretended to be the characters and the other half were asking questions. We found out lot’s of interesting things about George including his favorite food ismeatballs, who’d had known…?

In Maths this week we have been practicing our times tables. We have completed lots of different activities to do this but our favorite was a times table treasure hunt around the classroom. Mr Woodward hid lot’s of numbers around the classroom and we had the question cards to match. We had to race the other groups in the class to find as many answers as we could, the group with most numbers would win and collect 3 Dojo’s each.

Mr Woodward would just like to thank everyone for attending our Harvest festival today and a quick reminder that the Christmas cards that were sent home this week need to be brought back into on Monday as they are being sent away then.


Week 2

Our first full week back at school has been a busy one! This week we have been practicing using our full stops whilst reading through a Katie Morag story. In maths we decided that the school ruler’s were too boring and plain so we created our own, helping us practice our number formation and numbers to 20. 

Today we had a special visitor called Bex who works for a charity called ‘Size of Wales’. She told us all about the Rainforest and how important it is to protect. To round off our ‘All about me’ topic we explored some of our different senses today including touch, taste and smell. Mr Woodward brought in three boxes and we had to guess what was in each box using our nose and hands! After this we had to complete a taste test with three different flavours of crisps, we were all extremely good at this. 

What an achievement!!!

A massive congratulations to Daniel. It wasn’t enough that he was our ‘Hit the button’ champion last week, he continued to try and better his score at the beginning of this week and has scored a massive 30 correct answers out of 31 attempted questions. All this in just 60 seconds, averaging a correct answer every 2 seconds. Well done Daniel, excellent determination. 

Week 1

It’s been a busy first week back for Class KW. This week we have creating booklets based on ‘All about me’, this has included identifying our likes and dislikes, what we got up to during the summer holiday and our friends and family tree. After a long summer with not much writing we have also had to get used to using our pencils again (Mr Woodward included!) and have been practicing our letter and number formation. 

A huge congratulations to Daniel who was our first ‘Hit the button’ champion of the week by scoring a massive 23 out of 25 questions in just 60 seconds!!! Get practicing guys as it’s all up for grabs again next week.


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