Good News Friday! (2)

Dear families

Thank you once again for the considerable amount of support you are giving to the children’s home learning.  We realise that this is quite a challenge, especially as normal household chores still need to be done, many of you are also trying to work from home yourselves, you may be supporting more than one child with their home learning etc. etc. etc… It is really is not easy and we truly appreciate all that you are doing.

There is a careful juggling/balancing act; ensuring that the children continue to make progress in their work, but at the same time not increasing the stress and tension, which the lockdown will cause anyway.  We in school want the children to finish as much work as possible but we would not want that at the expense of people’s mental wellbeing or relationships at home.  Some children will be in a position where they can finish some or all of the work while others will not, for various genuine reasons.  I thoroughly respect the judgement of all parents and carers who have to strike a balance between their own work at home and that of their children.

Hopefully the video below offers 7 minutes of smiles and warmth (soundtrack if interested is ‘Back to Normal’).