Group 2 – 1 More Sleep!

Really looking forward to seeing our key-worker children and our second groups of children for their ‘check-in’, ‘catch-up’ and ‘prepare’ sessions tomorrow!

Group 1 parents were perfect ~ used the main gate to enter the school yard, followed the arrows and used the KS2 and FP gates to leave and waited on the white spots when collecting at end of the day. Thank you.

Group 2 parents/carers and children, please have a look through the previous posts to see about when to arrive and what doors to use.

Also, please remember to check what week your child(ren) is due in for their sessions. We have to adhere to strict H&S guidelines and we can only have a limited number of children in each class. Please do not turn up unless you have received an e-mail or phone call from us confirming your child has a place.

Thank you in advance.