Headteacher – Mr P.Hamilton

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs J Lewis

ALNCo – Miss B Bellis


Year 5/6 – Mrs J. Lewis

Year 4/5 – Miss R. Evans

Year 3/4 – Mr C. Hughes

Year 2/3 – Miss B. Bellis

Year 1/2 – Mr K. Woodward

Reception / Year 1 – Miss S. Griffiths

Nursery / KS2 PPA – Miss H. Postle

FP PPA – Mrs C. Smullen

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:

Mrs R. Thomas

Learning Support Staff:

Mrs D. Harper

Mrs G. Tilston

Miss S. Edwards

Mrs C. Buxton

Mrs A. Champion

Miss K. Strudwick

Miss B. Hope

Administration Officer:

Mrs D. Carson

Administration Support:

Miss J. Dodd


Mr I. Davies


Mrs G. Roberts

Cook in Charge:

Miss C. Edwards

Catering Assistant:

Miss K. Edwards

Senior Midday Supervisor:

Miss J. Davies

Midday Supervisors:

Miss S. Edwards

Miss J. Dodd



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