Final Assembly of the Year

Da iawn all, what a year! We are so proud of everyone, and while looking forward to recharging our batteries, we are also very excited about starting all over again in September. Certificate and end of year medal winners are…

Sports’ Kit

Could I request again that all school sport’s kits are returned as soon as possible please. We started the year with 20 red Wales rugby t-shirts and currently have 13. The Year 6s need them for their leaver’s football match this afternoon and not all of them have a shirt. If you have a shirt … Read more

School Sports

There are still several items of school sports’ kit which have not been returned. Please could you ensure all items are returned ASAP as some of our Year 6 leavers will need them for tomorrow’s football match. Diolch.

Rounders Team

Our rounders team have had a great time this morning at Ysgol Rhiwabon.   And be the obligatory after competition football game… As always, really proud of our children’s behaviour.

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