North Wales Police Schools Programme

Good afternoon,

Attached is another edition of our Pupil Activity Book, this time for  5-9 year olds which has been launched via our SchoolBeat website today!

All the activities are based on inputs which pupils will most probably have received during the SCPO visits to your school in the last year.

Produced in downloadable format, they are easy resources for parents to print. They encourage a variety of skills including discussion and listening which are essential from a safeguarding perspective.

We would like to encourage you to share via your Twitter and Facebook school accounts using the links below:



You might also like to follow us on our Social media accounts Twitter: @NWSchoolbeat and @Schoolbeat as well as the Facebook SchoolBeataccount to receive key safeguarding  messages from the SchoolBeat team. These include Podcasts and Vlogs from the Officers. A big thank you to those  of you who did this last week.

More resources are also available on  our website at

By the way, a special ‘Internet Safety edition’ for 9-11 year olds is already in production and will be available next week! Keep an eye out for it if you can!

Many thanks,

Mannon Williams

Rheolwr Rhaglen Cyswllt Ysgolion Heddlu Gogledd Cymru

North Wales Police Schools Programme Manager