Reminder: Questions, Concerns or Complaints

A reminder to all if anyone has a question, concern or complaint.

As any school or professional organisation, we have policies and procedures which should be followed in order to ensure all queries or concerns are handled efficiently and effectively.

  • these can be found under the ‘Key Information’ area of our website or policies can also be e-mailed to parents/carers upon request.

Furthermore, at least 3 members of staff, usually including myself or Mrs Lewis, DHT, are always on the various school doors every morning and all classes are seen out by a class teacher at the end of the day. These are ideal times to speak to members of staff or to arrange a meeting about concerns.

I would like to stress again, that we are only able to intervene and support if we are aware of a situation. There are various methods available to all parents/carers to ask questions or report concerns or complaints.  Please use these methods.

May I respectfully remind you that Facebook and other social media forums are not the way to raise concerns, and often only serve to heighten anxiety and ill-feeling among those involved.

Under no circumstances should a child ever be challenged or questioned on the yard by the parent/carer of another child. This is totally unacceptable and under these circumstances details will be passed on to the police and/or any other authority we may be signposted to.

Children are still learning, not only academic subjects but social skills too; how to interact, behave and respect others. Just like us, they do not always get it right and we try to support them as best as possible so they can make better decisions in the future. We encourage our pupils to treat others as they want to be treated, and in the same way, we expect parents/carers to treat the children of other parents/carers and staff in the same way they would expect their child(ren) to be treated.

A sincere thank you for all the continued support from all our wonderful families. Working together we will help ensure that all the pupils of Maes-y-Llan reach their academic and social potential.


Mr Hamilton