Return to face-to-face school update…

Some very welcome news today about the possible return to school after half-term.

There is an even greater chance of this happening if everyone does their bit by following the current Level 4 Alert guidelines, which include:

  • Follow social distancing rules with people you don’t live with or who are not in your support bubble.
  • Wear a face covering (unless exempt from doing so) in all indoor public places.
  • Stay at home.
    • Do not travel without reasonable excuse.
    • Work from home if you can.
  • Do not create an extended household (single adults or single parents may join with one other household only to form an exclusive support bubble).
  • Do not meet people that you do not live with (or are in your support bubble if you are a single parent) either indoors or outdoors.
    • This includes any older siblings or other adults within your home.
    • This also includes allowing your children to play with other children who are not part of their household (we all want our children to be happy and to be able to socialise and see their friends, but we all need to do our bit so we can return to normality sooner rather than later, for the benefit of all). 
  • Only use the key-worker provision at school as a last resort and if it is essential
    • The Welsh Government guidance has not changed and they state: ‘Being included on the list (key workers) does not mean children of all workers in these categories can or will be able to continue to send their children to school. Many parents working in these sectors may be able to ensure their children are kept at home. Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be. Your child should not attend school ‘because they want to, they want to see their friends or because it is easier’, if they can be safely cared for at home, they should remain at home (or with legally allowable bubble for some families). The current situation is still very serious and school should only be used if there is no other alternative, as we need to keep the numbers in school as low as we possibly can. If your child can be cared for safely at home – they should be. This may require you to work from home or change shifts, or you may have another adult in your household who can look after them or there is another legal and safe care provision alternative.
      • For those who do require this provision please be prepared to provide evidence of your:
        • critical worker status, shift pattern and employer contact details

We cannot wait to have everyone back in school, and the possibility of welcoming at least some children back on the 22nd of February is exciting! Thank you for doing your bit.