Class RE – Miss R. Evans

This term we have a topic we are all very excited about! We are learning all about the magical world of Harry Potter! We will be reading the first book in the series, creating our own ‘fantastic beasts’ and writing mystical poetry.

In science, we are learning about magnetism.

In History we are learning about the history of transport, including the Wright brothers, George Stephenson and Henry Ford.

In Geography we are learning mapping skills as we follow the Hogwarts Express around the country.

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A huge welcome to the new Class RE! We have some fantastic topics coming up this year which I’m sure you’ll all love. These include:

Literacy: Alice in Wonderland, focusing on writing instructions and the Pie Corbett story ‘The Papaya that Spoke’.

Science: Solids, liquids and gases with reversible and irreversible changes.

DT: Making clocks.

Art: Surrealism.

Music: Don’t Stop Believin’.

Geography: Coastlines including Llandudno.


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This term our topic is Marvellous Minibeasts!

We will be learning about minibeasts and their habitats, how plants grow and how animals adapt to their surroundings. 

Our class book this term is James and the Giant Peach. We will be using this to help us write play scripts and non-chronological reports. 

We will also be learning about weather around the world.


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Class RE have filled their Marble Jar again! Well done to all the children in class who have been working hard and using their manners to earn marbles. As a result, the children have decided they would like a ‘Toy Afternoon’ as their reward. This will take place on Tuesday 17th January (next Tuesday).

          Pupils will be allowed to bring in tablets/handheld games consoles at your discretion, however games to play with others, such as board games, would be more suitable and fun for everyone. Mobile phones will not be allowed and sockets will not be available to charge electronics so please leave chargers at home. Any electronics/expensive items are the children’s own responsibility.


We have another exciting topic ready for this term! We will be learning all about the Terrible Tudors through the Michael Morpurgo book ‘My Friend Walter’. We will also be learning to write a two-sided argument and will focus on our descriptive writing through the Pie Corbett story ‘The Dragon of Krakow’. Take a quick look at the other activities we have to look forward to!

Welsh – Using the past tense.

History – Terrible Tudors.

Art – Leonardo da Vinci.

DT – Tudor money pouches.

Music – Mamma Mia!

RE – The Church and Christian services.

PSHE – Friendship.

Mrs Williams and I are looking forward to having another challenging and stimulating term with Class RE!


Well done to everyone who has brought their homework in over the last few weeks. I have loved seeing your creativity! Please note your homework this week is ‘newspapers’ to link with our topic in school.

If you would ever like to email me your homework to print in school, my email address is:


We had a fantastic time at Techniquest! We played with the science equipment and had a workshop where we built a lion out of lego and controlled him using the computer. Take a look at some of our pictures.

dsc_0475 dsc_0474 dsc_0473 dsc_0472 dsc_0468 dsc_0469 dsc_0470 dsc_0471 dsc_0467 dsc_0466 dsc_0465 dsc_0464 dsc_0463 dsc_0462 dsc_0461 dsc_0460 dsc_0443 dsc_0451 dsc_0453 dsc_0455 dsc_0438 dsc_0436 dsc_0434 dsc_0433 dsc_0431 dsc_0426 dsc_0424

Here are some pictures of our Marble Jar treat!

img_0266 img_0268 img_0269 img_0271 img_0272 img_0273 img_0274


We have managed to fill our Marble Jar for the first time this year. We have decided to have a pyjama party and watch a Disney film. Miss Evans said she will bring hot chocolate and popcorn if we continue to work hard.

Our celebration will be on Thursday 13th October. We need to bring in our pyjamas in a bag with our name on for us to change into  after lunch. We will change back into our uniform before coming home.


Here is a link to the Matiau Iaith we use in school to learn personal information. Please use them at home as often as possible! Could you even use them to write about a celebrity? matiau-cymraeg-ks2-1


On Monday 3rd October, we had an afternoon full of Arctic Activities. We took turns and earned loads of marbles for teamwork!

We used our colour mixing skills to create snowy scenes. We plan to add silhouettes of Arctic animals.


We put on gloves and tried to work as a team to put a jig-saw together so we knew how it would feel to live in the Arctic – things would be much more difficult!img_0255

We used dictionaries to find the meaning of words like ‘equator’ and ‘adaptation’.img_0256

We used ‘Sammy the Seal’ to hot-seat questions about the Arctic. We asked him what other animals live there and how he survives in the cold. img_0257We looked at thermometers and read the temperatures. We decided which were taken in Wales and which were from the Arctic.

img_0258We used a thesaurus to help us write acrostic poems about snow, snowflakes and ice.



We have decided to display our school rules outside our classroom. Bob, Kevin and Stuart are helping us to remember them!


We are also working extremely hard to earn stars on our reading reward chart. We can earn a star a day for getting our Reading Record signed. Some of us have nearly filled our first card!


Class RE are having another excellent week! We have started to learn our class routines and are quickly getting our names on the ‘Recognition Board’. We are trying to build Aslan’s mane with our names.img_0220 img_0218


Week Ending 16.09.16

Welcome back – our second week has been completed already!  In science we have been identifying what we know about science and what roles involve science. We have revisited the language of science and have created a glossary of terms to support our learning, which we will continue to add to. We have also introduced the topic of ‘Light 1’ and discussed what we know and what we would like to learn.  If the children want to explore their science topics at home and take their learning further then they are welcome to bring drawings, research etc. to add to their work.

If you have any queries about science please feel free to ask anytime but especially on Monday 19th at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ event.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Raybould

Ps have a look at a Harvest moon tonight (Friday 16th September)

What a fantastic start to the year! Miss Evans is extremely pleased with the effort everyone in Class RE have been putting in so far! We have been excellent at working as a team, we have played games together and even started to do a little work. As a result, our class reward marble jar is filling up quicker than ever! We are looking forward to having our first treat soon; we have decided to have a pyjama party!


Croeso i Ddosbarth RE 2016/17!                  Welcome to Class RE 2016/17!

I am so excited to welcome my new class! We have lots of opportunities to have fun while we learn this year based around our topic ‘Disney’! In each subject, we will be studying…

English – ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, Issue stories and poetry.

Welsh – Giving personal information and describing people.

Art – ‘Colours of the Wind’, a focus on the artist George Mendoza.

D&T  – Designing packaging for Turkish Delight.

Geography – ‘Cold Places’, studying the polar regions.

History – ‘How has Walt Disney affected popular culture?’

Music – ‘Fantasia’, learning about sections of the orchestra and singing in tune.

PSHE – ‘My Friends and Family’.

RE – ‘Which religions are portrayed in Disney films and how?’

PE will be on Tuesdays so please could kits be sent in on this day or earlier. Children will be sent home in their kit each week.

Class RE will be swimming every Friday morning for this term, so please could swimming kits be sent in with the children.

This year, Science will take place every Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Raybould while Miss Evans has PPA time.

This year, spellings will be practised in class which means we will not be sending spelling sheets home. However, children will bring home their spellings in a book each week to make you aware of their spelling targets and to help you practise at home. We will be sending home project work to support work completed in school and ask you to read at home with your children as often as possible!

Don’t forget to keep checking back for updates on our adventures in class!

We loved putting on our assembly today! Thank you to all the parents who came to support us and for being a fantastic audience.

Last week we had our Marble Jar Treat! Miss Evans brought in lots of treats (thank you to Jaydan and Rio who also brought in some goodies for us to enjoy!). We had sausage rolls, biscuits, cakes, crisps and fresh fruit. Miss Evans also let us have juice in our water bottles for the afternoon. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone!

IMG_0122 IMG_0123

More homework arrived this morning. Take a look!

Tyler drew some pictures to show us what he would have in his ideal school. Da iawn ti!
McKenzie made a model of his ideal school. He even made a bench to go inside!
Da iawn Olivia for giving in lots of information about your school!
Dw i’n hoffi your Minecraft school, Cameron! I especially like the Headteacher’s office.
Oliver made a video tour of his Minecraft school. Dw i’n hoffi the horses in your school – I know some children who would enjoy that!
Kim also made a video tour of her Minecraft school. We all enjoyed meeting ‘Jacob’ there!
Amber created lots of things for her homework, including timetables and lunch menus. I particularly like your ‘It’s Friday!’ poster.
Scarlett drew a picture of her school.
Liam drew a picture and gave us information about his school. Da iawn.

Wow! We have had some amazing homework in today! The topic ‘My Ideal School’ has sparked some creative ideas, such as tours of Minecraft schools, models of schools, designs for a new uniform (including samples of material!) and class timetables. Have a look at some of the pictures below.

Well done Morgan! I loved your labelled pictures of your Minecraft school and your samples of materials for your school uniform design! Very creative.
Da iawn Ocha! You have produced lots of different aspects of your school. I especially liked your poem!
A lovely school built, Dylan! I like that you worked as a team with your parents to complete it.
A good foundation for a Minecraft school, Kian!
Dw i’n cytuno, Ethan – the striped tie in your school uniform design looks very smart!
Da iawn Corey for thinking of more than one idea for your homework. Dw i’n hoffi your school uniform design.
A lovely Minecraft school, Rio! I’m sure lots of children would enjoy your giant playground!
A very nice picture, Seren.
Jaydan sent in his fantastic homework even when he wasn’t well! I admire your hard work and dedication, Jaydan! I like the look of your school timetable and uniform.
A lovely picture of your multi-coloured school, Liam. Da iawn.
Bendigedig, Kaitlyn! You have worked extremely hard on your homework project this week and brought in loads of elements. I particularly liked your school uniform designs made from real fabric!
Fantastic, Ben! Dw i wrth fy modd ‘Minecraft High’ and I like that you worked with your family to complete it.
Da iawn, Elinor! You have also put in lots of effort this week. I enjoyed your poem and like that your school isn’t traditional.
Gwaith gwych, Lewis. I like your Minecraft school and might take some tips from your school timetable!
A lovely model school, Lacey! Dw i’n hoffi your timetable including potions lessons!
I thoroughly enjoyed the video tour of your Minecraft school. I especially like the idea of having a swimming pool within the school.
Bendigedig, Lacey! I love that you worked closely with your mum to complete your model.
You have handed in some excellent homework, Izzy! Dw i’n hoffi the test paper you included!
I would like to teach in ‘Cool School’, Ruby! I liked the music in the background of your video tour of your Minecraft school.
Da iawn ti, Daniel. You have put a lot of effort into your homework this week! Dw i’n hoffi your school uniform designs. Keep up the hard work!

We have been designing and writing about a mythical creature. When we finished, we created a class book ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. Here are some examples of our work!

IMG_0005  IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012

We went with Class JL to the Rimbojam in Glyndwr University. We had a great time singing Welsh songs, dancing and even getting up on stage! We tried to get Miss Evans on stage but she wasn’t chosen. She was very disappointed…! Don’t forget to tune into S4C or view their website and see if you can spot us as we were being filmed the whole time!

Collage 2016-05-19 15_29_50

This week’s homework is ‘My Ideal School’. The children have been asked to show their ideal school in any way they wish. As they have 3 weeks to complete the homework, I expect to see some creative and exciting work. If your child’s work is electronic (a video, PowerPoint etc) or if you are having trouble with printers, please feel free to email it to me at

In Science, we are learning about forces. Miss Evans challenged us to find the mass of a Kinder Egg using an elastic band, a spring, some 100g weights, a ruler and a Kinder Egg. We had lots of fun until the Kinder Eggs melted!


We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes in maths. We have enjoyed using 2D shapes to draw pictures and build sculptures!


We have been looking at the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We drew vases of flowers using pencil and pastels then assessed each other’s work and had another go. Most of us have made huge improvements in our second draft thanks to the advice of our friends.

IMG_2216 IMG_2226 IMG_2223 IMG_2231 IMG_2229 IMG_2218 IMG_2228

Summer term 2016.

This term we are reading the book ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ by J.K. Rowling.


Miss Evans has lots of exciting activities for us based on the book, e.g. writing letters, sports reviews and creating our own Fantastical Beasts.

In RE, we are learning about Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. We are enjoying watching the DVD and have started to make our own mini coats by dyeing fabric and sewing it together.


We have also managed to fill our marble jar! We have decided to have an afternoon in the park when the sun is shining. Miss Evans says if we earn 6 Bonus Marbles, we can have a picnic too!

Spring term 2016.

This term we are studying the book ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ by Rick Riordan.


We are really enjoying this book because it’s exciting, adventurous and hilarious!

The book is based on the Greek gods which fits in with our topic ‘Ancient Greece’. We have been learning about the Greek gods, Greek theatre  and we have even had a go at writing our own Greek myths! We are also busy making masks in DT so we can pretend to be Greek gods or monsters.

We are also working hard in school to solve lots of number problems. We like it when Miss Evans gives us questions about her real life, for example:

Miss Evans takes Travis for a walk twice a day, 15 minutes every morning and 30 minutes every night. For how long does she walk each day? Each week? Each year?

Can you solve the problem? Can you think of any problems of your own to test Miss Evans?


Autumn term 2015.

This term Class RE are studying the book ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll.

Alice picture

As part of our topic, we will be writing diary entries, letters, instructions and lots more! We will also be solving lots of Wonderland-themed maths problems, learning how to make delicious ‘Eat Me’ biscuits in DT, finding out about Llandudno (where ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ is rumoured to have been written) and researching the Victorians. In Welsh, we will be reading the story ‘Branwen’ and will be writing our own stories!

Alice 2



In Class RE, we are very excited about our new topic. We hope to go on a trip to Llandudno, make jam tarts and have a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! Miss Evans has promised us some yummy goodies and is going to teach us to play croquet!





Homework will be given every Wednesday and is due back in school every Wednesday too. Each week the children will be given: 

  • Spellings (including Welsh spellings),
  • A maths sheet/Abacus game online,
  • Project/research work based on our topic.

Children will also have the opportunity to change their reading books daily.

*Please note*        Children are asked to read every day, from a couple of pages to a full book. We also encourage children to read a range of books as well as their ‘Stage Readers’; if children read their own book at home, this can also be written in their Reading Record.


Class RE are working hard to earn marbles in our jar. So far we have earned 21 marbles for working hard, showing good manners and being kind. Only 129 left until we get a reward!






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