Spinning Rainbows

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With colourful rainbow pictures popping up in windows all over the country, now is the perfect time to let the kids get crafty and create their own magical spinning rainbow. Perfect for a beautiful window display or decoration to brighten up your home or setting. Using card and paints, follow these simple crafts instructions below to make a spinning rainbow with the children and spread hope and joy. Can you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Materials you will need:

How to make a spinning rainbow:

  1. Cut out a circle from the card approx. 20cm diameter – you can draw around a plate – and then paint stripes across the circle.
  2. When the paint has dried, starting at the outside edge, cut a spiral from your rainbow circle.
  3. Cut out a small pot shape from the black card and decorate it with gold stickers or paint.
  4. Attach the pot to the outer end of the spiral and hang up your spinning rainbow using a piece of string or ribbon.