Still time to win that £500..get your balloons at £3.00 each before the launch on Saturday….

Schools Out Virtual Balloon Race

We are nearly at the end of what has been probably the most strange school year and a half we’ve ever experienced. We really hope that things can start to get back to normal from September, and that the school community can resume many of the usual events which the PTA  organise such as Bingo evenings, Valentine and Halloween Discos, Summer and Christmas Fayres etc.

Our ability to fund-raise has been severely hampered by the pandemic, but we now want to try to get some money into the pot for next term so we can fund important extras such as end of term treats, IT and sports equipment, science resources and trips subsistence.

To do this we are taking part in the “Schools Out” Virtual Balloon Race which will launch on Saturday 17th July 2021.

The idea is that for £3 you buy a balloon to enter in the online race, which will be following a route on google maps somewhere in the world.  There is no restriction to how many balloons you can buy.

It is not just luck! You design your own virtual balloon, with the things you think will give it the best chance of survival – such as material it is made of, or how much helium it has inside it.

Prizes for the balloon that travels furthest in the whole race are:

1) £500 Cash
2) Apple iPad
3) 10 lucky winners of £10 Book Tokens.

The world’s only virtual balloon race system offers a 100% eco-friendly fun way to raise money for our school funds during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

It is a seven-day computer simulation race where everything is real except the balloon. The software uses current live weather data to determine the progress of each balloon and each entry can be tracked on Google Maps and Satellites once launched. It has no negative environmental impact on all wildlife, climate change, plastic waste or litter.”

The virtual balloon race will ensure that our fundraising efforts continue and hopefully offer some entertainment to those that take part during this challenging time.

To get your balloon, share our page, or find out more, go to: