Summer Read-a-thon Launched!

Our latest read-a-thon starts today!

In an attempt to encourage the sun to come out (and stay out) there are several items of sports and outdoor equipment up for grabs.

Basic rules still apply; children need to read at home as often as possible and have their diaries signed.

  • reading 5 times = certificate and raffle ticket
  • reading 10 times = certificate and 2nd raffle ticket
  • reading 15 times = certificate and 3rd raffle ticket
  • reading 20 times- certificate and 4th raffle ticket
  • reading 25 times = certificate and 5th raffle ticket

After reading 25 times, every read equals an extra raffle ticket.

The last day of the read-a-thon is Wednesday 23rd May; that means there is a maximum of 38 reads available (= maximum of 18 raffle tickets ~ 5 raffle tickets for first 25 reads and 1 raffle ticket for each subsequent read up to a maximum of 38 reads)

Happy reading!

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