Thank you

Dear Maes-y-Llan Families,

I am writing today to thank you, our families, for the excellent efforts you have put in over the last 5 1/2 weeks in supporting your children with their home learning. The constant balancing of your own work/completing your own college or university course work/running a home/supporting more vulnerable family members etc. and supporting your child’s home learning has left many of us working longer than usual hours. There is a reason why this is not the normal way of working and schooling, and we truly appreciate all your support and we acknowledge how challenging it has been.

Next week is half-term; please forget about any school or academic work. If there are any tasks or activities your child has yet to do, please forget about them now, you all need a break. If you can, try and get some time away from your day job too, and spend some time together as a family going for walks and spotting signs of spring or building forts, starting the couch to 5K programme, playing board games, preparing a vegetable patch or another garden project, or simply having a duvet day or 2 and watching a few boxsets, without thinking about school work.

Also, take some time for yourself. Treat and reward yourself for the hard work you have put in during this period. You are the number 1 home-school teacher in your house and you deserve it! Similarly, I have asked staff to try to switch off from school and to take the full half term to relax and recharge, ready to welcome your children back (which is hopefully soon ~ we really need everyone to follow the guidelines so rates continue to fall and schools are fully reopened).

I would like to thank yourselves, your children and the staff for all your hard work this half-term. Take care, stay safe, and we hope to see you all soon.

Cofion cynnes

Mr Hamilton