Uniform – Summer Term

Dear Families

Re: School Uniform

As you will be aware, our school uniform policy has been relaxed this half-term while everyone has made their staggered start back into school.


In line with the rest of the Ysgol Rhiwabon cluster schools we would like to see all children back in uniform for the summer term. Most children are already wearing uniform and we know from experience and research that the benefits of uniform, both socially and in increasing academic focus, are very important.


We acknowledge that there is just one term left, but it is a term when many families would be looking at buying a summer uniform of gingham dresses or school shorts anyway.



If you have any items of school uniform that your child has outgrown please feel free to donate them to school so we can help other families by working together. Any donated items of school uniform will be washed and quarantined in line with Covid guidelines, before being available for free to other families.


Governors and staff have volunteered to set up socially distanced tables on the school yard with items of school uniform for all families to take what they need for free from Monday 19th April. This is a great way to help out your local community and of course save a few pennies too.


If anyone has any spare uniform that they no longer need please drop it off at the school office before Friday 16th April. Diolch.



Children’s feet continue to have seemingly magical growing powers during July and August so please do not feel you have to buy your child new school shoes for the summer term. Other comfortable and appropriate footwear is acceptable; heels, flip flops and white shoes tend not to be ideal for playtime tag or cooking in a mud kitchen.


Year 6

As much as we would like to keep you all for longer, it will be time for you all to move on soon to Ysgol Rhiwabon or Dinas Bran. Please do not buy new grey trousers or dresses as the uniform of both Ysgol Rhiwabon and Dinas Bran is black trousers or dresses. If your child would prefer to wear school trousers, shorts or dresses, they can wear black ones so they can also wear them in the autumn term of Year 7.


Also, many of you have now ordered your ‘Leavers Hoodies’. These are now part of your summer term uniform. Feel free to rotate the wearing of your leavers hoodies with your school cardigan or jumper (if they still fit).


We would greatly appreciate any spare uniform you no longer need so we can pass it on to other families.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to me on the school yard or contact me via the school office and I will always make time to talk.



Yours sincerely


Mr P Hamilton