Well-Fed Slow Cooker Programme ~ Free Slow Cooker, Recipes and Ingredients!

I am interested. What now?
Email the school office on mailbox@maesyllan-pri.wrexham.sch.uk or let Mr Hamilton know when he is on the yard.

Any more details about timings etc?
The after school sessions, which will run from the school hall here at Maes-y-Llan, will start on Wednesday 3rd November at 3:30pm, with each of the 4 sessions lasting about an hour.

Who is it for?
Any of our families at Maes-y-Llan. Each family will be allocated a table to work from and, aiming to be Covid safe, there will be a limited amount of families allowed in the hall.

‘Limited amount of families’, so is it first come first served?
No, if there is a lot of interest, the Well-Fed team will run another block of 4 sessions when this first block (starting 3rd November) is finished. We want any families who would like to to attend, to be able to.

Is there child care while I am taking part in the programme?
Yes. You. As it is a family cooking programme, your family will work together, tasting new foods, prepping ingredients to take home and learning new techniques and recipes as a family.

Tasting new foods?
Yes, every week the team from Well-Fed will have some new dishes and ingredients for you to sample.

Free slow cooker?
Yes, that is right. Every family taking part will receive a free slow cooker at the first session and also a free slow cooker bag full of ingredients and recipes to try at home. Every family attending will continue to receive free slow cooker bags with more ingredients and recipes every week. Cut the shopping bill down with these free ingredients and save a bit extra for Christmas.

In an ideal world (no Covid would be an early request), we would start at 3pm, but with cleaning after afternoon PE lessons and set up time from the Well-Fed team, a 3:30 start is necessary. If we can adjust this some weeks or bring this time forward at all to make it easier for those attending, we will. If the start time of 3:30 is too much of a stumbling block, please see Mr Hamilton as we will always do what we can to help, and we want everyone who is interested in taking part in the Well-Fed programme to be able to do so.

As always, if any sessions have to be cancelled or changed because of Covid or other changing guidance, we will let you know as soon as we can.

If you have any further questions, please speak to Mr Hamilton on the yard any morning or e-mail the school on mailbox@maesyllan-pri.wrexham.sch.uk.

Big SHOUT OUT and thank you to Miss King for putting us in touch with Well-Fed / Can Cook. This is hopefully the start of a very exciting chapter (and lots of tasty new meals!). Diolch Miss King.