Year 6 parents

Good afternoon,

We have been approached by a lady who is the Key Stage 2 Transition Co-ordinator for Wrexham.

Her work supports pupils in year 6 who struggle with Attendance, Anxiety, Behaviour and Anger through the delivery of a 5 week programme to improve their resilience through raising their self-esteem and confidence. Her sessions consist of games, video and completion of a booklet which the children will keep.

The sessions will focus on :-
· Feelings & Emotions – learning to recognise and
know it’s ok
· Worry – causes and what to do
· Bullying – What is it? Roles of bullying, How do we
stop it?
· Self Esteem & Confidence – Understanding the
impact our self-esteem has on our confidence, what
can damage and build our self-esteem and
· Friendships & Relationships – How to make friends,
what qualities make a good friend and
understanding good and bad relationships.

Throughout the sessions the children will be given the opportunity to share anything and there will be small discussion. This is just a snapshot of what she aims to do within a group work setting, every session is different depending on the nature of the individuals.

These sessions would be completed on site and within the school day for a small group of year 6 pupils moving into secondary settings this September.

She is a very busy lady, as you can imagine, and sessions will be booked on a first come, first served basis.
If you feel your child would benefit greatly from this, firstly, could you please discuss this with your child, as it is vitally important that they consent to it.
Could you then let me know via email – as to the reasons why you feel this would be beneficial, in as much detail as possible, as soon as possible please.
I will then complete a referral form to forward on.

Mrs L