Conwy: Superhero nurse

A big thank you to Nurse Cathy for coming into class today to talk to us about how we can keep our bodies healthy and the roles and responsibilities of nurses.  We loved using the stethoscope to hear heartbeats, stomach rumbles and lungs! Another fantastic, real life learning experience.

Conwy: A visit from a real life Superhero!

Last week we were so lucky to have a visit from Sergeant Rolls. He let us try on parts of his uniform, took our finger prints and we even helped him to solve a crime!  Thank you so much for coming into our class, it was a fantastic learning experience!

Conwy: Forest School

In Forest School this week, Dosbarth Conwy have been learning about the importance of the poppy. We spent some time collecting red leaves and created our very own Remembrance poppy.

Conwy: Bravey

This week we have been looking at why we have Remembrance Day and what it means to be brave. Miss Harry was so brave when she found a snake in her bag! The children spent some time discussing a time when they were brave and made themselves their very own bravery medals.

Conwy: Superhero party

On Friday we celebrated the “marvellous middle” of our Everyday Superheroes topic with a party.  All the children looked fantastic dressed up. We had a great time playing games, winning prizes and eating delicious treats. A great end to our first half term in Dosbarth Conwy.

Conwy: This week in Year 1 / 2

We’ve had a busy week in Conwy this week. It started when Laserman sent us a surprise – his pet mouse, Supermouse! We spent the week getting to know what mice need to be happy and healthy pets and learning about the role of a vet. We created and acted out our own plays with … Read more

Conwy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As part of our Everyday Superheroes topic we looked at how the Superhero binmen collect and recycle our rubbish. We learnt about the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Benny the Binman taught us how junk can be turned into something great! We designed our creations, looked at what materials we need to make … Read more

Conwy: Super litter pickers

Benny the Binman is on strike so hadn’t been able to get to Forest School to collect the rubbish this week. It was up to Dosbarth Conwy to find all the litter and sort it into different materials for recycling. Before sorting the rubbish into the correct bins, we made a massive pictogram which showed … Read more

Conwy: Our kitchen superhero, Fuel Provider Flash!

We spent the afternoon learning about healthy food and all the dangers and hazards we could find in the kitchen. Thank you to our school cook, Kim who is also known by her superhero name, Fuel Provider Flash!