Pre-ordering of all school meals

Please ensure you pre-order all of your child’s meals for the week if possible and, if they are not eligible for Free School Meals, pay for them in advance on the new website ParentPay  Parents should ensure that all their child’s meals are pre-ordered in advance and before 8 a.m. each day as there is … Read more

Rollout of ParentPay

With effect from Monday 1st March we will be changing the way payments are made to school.  Wrexham Civica pay will no longer be used for any payments and will be closed down completely. You should have received an activation email today with details of your initial login and password for each of your children … Read more

Health and Safety Reminder

While we understand that mornings can be busy, may we ask that you make every effort to ensure your child has everything they need before they leave in the morning i.e. water bottles, lunch bags, coats etc. as due to current restrictions we currently cannot accept any items at the office to pass down to … Read more