Wrap-around Care

Dosbarth Caerdydd: Another busy week

Another lovely and busy week had!

The children are settling into year 6 brilliantly.

Thank you so much for ensuring your child brings their reading record book in. For each entry in their book, they receive a raffle ticket which goes into a weekly prize box. Last week’s winner was Amelia.

We had some great feedback from the swimming instructors this week, which made me feel really proud.

We also voted in our House Captains for this year. Congratulations to Bobby, Leo and Brandom for getting the most votes for house captains. Also a huge well done also, to Frankie, Hafwen and Ollie E for becoming Vice House Captains.

We also had another vote today for our School Council members. Congratulations to Taryn, Emily and Maisey! I’m sure you will be a great asset!

More fun was also had in the forest school this week, making stick men to fashion the children’s printed fabrics. Phew!