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Criw Cymraeg

Croeso i’n gwefan Criw Cymraeg!

Welcome to our Criw Cymraeg page!

Dyn ni’n Ysgol Arian!

We are a Cymraeg Campus Silver School.

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Dyma’r Criw


Croeso nol!

We start our Autumn term 2021 with a whole new Criw Cymraeg made up of children from Dosbarth Penrhyn (Blwyddyn 4/5)! A huge diolch yn fawr to the wonderful Criw of six children, who saw us through the Gwobr Efydd (Bronze Award) and kept Cymraeg at the forefront of our minds throughout the 2020/21 periods of home learning. Superstars!

Our new Criw will be working on a fresh set of 10 umbrella targets towards the Gwobr Arian (Silver Award). We cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

Over to you, Criw!

Apiau dda!

Have a look at some of the awesome apps and games we have found to practise and enjoy learning the Welsh language. Each one can be downloaded for FREE on the App Store.

We hope you enjoy them!


Ein Gwobrau Cyntaf

We heard so much Cymraeg ar yr iard during our first week of ‘patrwm yr wythnos’ that our fantastic Criw had to give out a massive 20 certificates! Da iawn, pawb!