Wrap-around Care

Student Assistant Programme (SAP)

SAP’s purpose is to create a safe place in Wrexham schools where pupils can share feelings, thoughts and concerns about their lives and to provide support whilst they work through any difficulties that may impede their development, education and life chances.

SAP provides a resource/intervention tool for schools, delivering a systematic programme of education, identification, assessment, referral and support for all students, including those whose individual, family and social problems are impacting on their ability to develop, learn and function as whole and healthy individuals in both school and the wider community.

The groups provide an excellent tool to support transition between key stages. The goals of support groups are: to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness; to provide a sense of connectedness with self and others; practice giving and receiving support for healthy living skills; identify self-defeating behaviours and to break through denial; receive nurturing and affirmation for growth; increase self-awareness and self-esteem; provide validation and encouragement; reduce feelings of shame; learn how to form healthy relationships; provide a trusting environment; learn how to care for self and others; learn to let others care about self.

Children who are invited to attend SAP groups are chosen for a variety of reasons. If your child has been invited to attend, then the class teacher will be able to explain why they have been chosen. You will receive a leaflet and consent form allowing them time out of non-core lessons to attend an hour-long session, once a week, for 8 weeks.