Wrap-around Care

Times Tables

A sound knowledge of times tables helps children not only with multiplication, but also with working out division, fractions, percentages, working out area and perimeter, doubling and halving and other more complex maths concepts when they reach high school.

At Maes-y-Llan we try to make learning the times tables fun through singing them. Click on the links below to practise singing the times tables along with various children from our different classes (may require you to install the QuickTime plugin).

Happy singing (and learning)!

2 times tables

3 times table

4 times table

5 times table

6 times table

We have also signed up to Times Tables Rockstars. All children in Key Stage 2 have their own logins for this. They can access a variety of games, practice sessions and rock battles in school and at home on a range of devices. They can play individually to beat their own scores/times, against other children in school and can even challenge teachers to a ‘rock slam’. Since all children are given their own rock legend pseudonym, there is also the option to play safely and anonymously against other children from across the world. Enjoy playing and rock on!

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