Police Message for Schools

Help protect the NHS by following the guidance below Halloween and Bonfire Night 2020 As you all know we will be entering another lockdown period once again from six o clock on Friday night.   For Halloween • We ask everyone to think how they can keep everyone safe this Halloween and not spread Coronavirus. … Read more

Fa’boo’lous Friday

We know yesterdays announcement about about a 2-week fire break, while necessary,  will still have come as a disappointment to many, and not least to many of the children who were already telling us about the costumes they were going to wear for trick or treating or for their spooky parties that now will not … Read more

Mini-World Parents

Could all Mini-World parents/customers please check their Mini-World SeeSaw accounts to find important information from Sandy. Thanks in advance.

COVID-19 ~ Message from LA

We understand that many parents will be concerned about the recent number of schools affected by absences due to coronavirus. However, it’s really important to stress that the figures widely reported in the media today do not represent the number of positive cases…they represent the level of absence caused by pupils and staff having to … Read more

Health and Safety Reminder

While we understand that mornings can be busy, may we ask that you make every effort to ensure your child has everything they need before they leave in the morning i.e. water bottles, lunch bags, coats etc. as due to current restrictions we currently cannot accept any items at the office to pass down to … Read more